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Guild Website under construction!

vynarvors, Feb 3, 10 2:38 AM.
-Cult-of-the-Black-Dawn- or -CBD- for short, is working on a website! The date of completion is unknown still but stay tuned for more information.
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Welcome to the Cult of the Black Dawn's website. some simple rules:
  1. You must have a Star Wars Galaxies account (obviously) that is NOT A TRIAL.
  2. Please only sign up if you actually have joined the -CBD-. If you make an account and you are not in the guild your account WILL be deleted and you will go on the banned list.
  3. You must login every month at least once.
  4. NEVER surrender.
  5. NEVER join IMPERIALS OR REBELS, stay NEUTRAL: remember we are neither and are the new Sith.

And that it for now.

The Ranks are located in the Gallery as a photo called '!RANKS!'

Have a great time if you are in the guild and please look around, also remember, I and the rest of the Dark Council are here to help you and train you in the ways of the ancient Sith Lords, Eventually. So don't get too ambitious. The site is still under development, so don't expect everything to be there yet, we are still adding stuff.

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